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Hajj Packages


Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed

Express package with. our Hajj journey in the tranquil city of Medinah. Savor the peace and blessings of praying in Masjid Nabawi and relive moments of the Seerah with uplifting guided tours. With a few days remaining before the Manasik of Hajj, we will have the opportunity to perform and with the comfort of our 5 Star hotel across the street. Guided tours of the city of the Prophet SAWS’s birth and inspiring lectures will help us achieve the mindset for Hajj.

Here are some of the latest changes we are expecting this year. 

  • Limited quota (#40 of visas available) from selects countries. 
  • Age restriction will apply 18-60/70. 
  • Mandatory full Covid vaccination within 90 days (about 3 months) of arrival. 
  • Negative covid PCR test within 48 hrs. of travel. 
  • App to pre-register to visit the Haram for every Salah (this is new to us, and we do not know what the limitation or capacity are yet). 
  • Congregation of groups will be restricted. 
  • Social distancing measures. 

Quad – Only Families $TBD

Triple – Only Families $TBD

Double – $TBD

Departure from U.S. July 11, 2021

3rd DH –Tuesday, July 13 with quarantine

4th DH – Wednesday, July 14 Day 1 Quarantine

5th DH – Thursday, July 15 with day 2 Quarantine

6th DH- Friday, July 16

7th DH- Saturday, July 17

8th DH – Sunday, July 18

9th DH – Monday, July 19

10th DH – Tuesday, July 20 – Eid Mubarak!

11th DH – Wednesday, Jul 21

12th DH – Thursday, Jul 22

13th DH – Friday, Jul 23

14th DH – Saturday, Jul 24

Package pricing does NOT include:

*Dates are subject to change per the lunar calendar. Itinerary schedule will be adjusted during the manasik of Hajj.

Package price:

$TBD/ Quad – Only Families

$TBD/ Triple – Only Families

$TBD/ Double

Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed

Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed was born and raised in Lansing, MI. He completed his memorization of the quran at 9 years of age. He then pursued his 7 year Shariah program from Toronto, Canada, in which he studied a variety of subjects such as Hadith, Tafseer, Usool al-Hadith, logic, rhetoric etc. Thereafter, Mufti Abdul Rahman traveled to Pakistan to continue his passion to seek knowledge where he completed his 2 year Iftaa program which specializes in Islamic Jurisprudence and Law. He is legally permitted to pass a Fatwa or verdict.

He is known for his passion and dedication to learning and teaching the lost history of Islam and provides detailed insight on how Muslims lived throughout the different eras of history. Mufti Abdul Rahman gives insight to various literature in the Islamic world.

Mufti Abdul Rahman is serving as a principal and is a full-time instructor at Michigan Islamic Institute, the brother organization of Miftaah Institute He travels across North America as a khateeb and lecturer. He is well-known for his calm and down-to-Earth demeanor. Mufti Abdul Rahman has been leading Hajj groups for the past few years and Hilal Hajj is privileged to have him on their team.