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Hajj Packages


Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed

Our Express Package led by Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed, retains our customer service, hospitality and comfort but in a shorter duration of travel. This is the ideal package for anyone who has limited time but does not want to compromise on the uplifting spiritual experience and fulfill all the rites of Hajj. This package starts in Medinah with tours of Masjid Nabawi and other historical sites. As we arrive in Makkah to our 5 Star hotel, Hyatt Regency, in front of Haram, inspiring lectures will prepare us for Umrah and get us in the right mindset to have a transformative Hajj experience.

  • 5-Star Hotels
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Upgraded Transportation
  • Hajj Preparation Workshop
  • Ihram for Men
  • Hilal Hajj Backpack
  • VAT and Municipality included
  • Airfare from JFK, DC, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Detroit

Quad – $8,695

Triple – $9,595

Double – $10,495

Departure from U.S. July 24, 2020

4th DH – Sat, July 25

5th DH – Sun, July 26

  • Breakfast and Dinner buffet in Hotel Restaurant
  • Walking tour of Masjid Nabawi
  • Ziyarah to Jabal Uhud and Masjid Quba
  • Halaqah on Fiqh & Spirituality with scholar

6th DH – Mon, July 27

7th DH – Tues, July 28

  • Breakfast and Dinner buffet at Hotel restaurant

8th DH – Wed, July 29

  • Transportation to North American Upgraded tents in Mina at 7am
  • Lunch and Dinner will be served in Mina

9th DH – Thurs, July 30

  • Day of Arafah - This is THE MOST important day of Hajj!
  • Breakfast will be served in Mina
  • Transportation to Arafah
  • Lunch and Dinner will be served in Arafah
  • Transportation to Muzdalifah after Maghrib. *Sleeping bags will be provided by Hilal Hajj*

10th DH – Fri, July 31 – Eid Mubarak!

  • Transportation to North American Upgraded Tents in Mina after Fajr
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served in Mina
  • Group walk to 1st Jamarat
  • Group walk back to Aziziya for Jumu’ah Salah
  • Walk from Aziziya to North American tents

11th DH – Sat, Aug 1

  • Breakfast and Dinner will be served at North American Upgraded Camps in Mina
  • Group walk for the 2nd round of Jamarat
  • Lunch at Azziziya building
  • Transportation from Azziziya to Haram for Tawaaf

12th DH – Sun, Aug 2

  • Breakfast will be served in Mina
  • Group walk to 3rd (final) Jamarat
  • Group walk back to Aziziya before Maghrib
  • Transportation to Haram for Tawaaf
  • Lunch and Dinner will be served in Azziziya

13th DH – Mon, Aug 3

  • Final Tawaaf should have been completed before Fajr
  • Head back to Azziziya to pack up and rest
  • Hilal Hajj will host farewell dinner

14th DH – Tues, Aug 4

  • Transportation to Jeddah airport approximately 10 hours before flight

Package pricing does NOT include:

  • Unified Agent Fee - $475-$750*
  • Sacrifice/Qurbani fee - $190
  • Courier/Documents fee - $95
  • Travel from/to US airports other than New York, DC, Chicago, Houston, Dallas
  • Any new taxes/fees implemented for Hajj 2020 by any Saudi Arabian government agency
  • Additional fees will apply to any special requests/changes to group flight itinerary

*Dates are subject to change per the lunar calendar. Itinerary schedule will be adjusted during the manasik of Hajj.

Package price:

$8,695/ Person in Quad

$9,595/ Person in Triple

$10,495/ Person in Double

Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed

Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed was born and raised in Lansing, MI. He completed his memorization of the quran at 9 years of age. He then pursued his 7 year Shariah program from Toronto, Canada, in which he studied a variety of subjects such as Hadith, Tafseer, Usool al-Hadith, logic, rhetoric etc. Thereafter, Mufti Abdul Rahman traveled to Pakistan to continue his passion to seek knowledge where he completed his 2 year Iftaa program which specializes in Islamic Jurisprudence and Law. He is legally permitted to pass a Fatwa or verdict.

He is known for his passion and dedication to learning and teaching the lost history of Islam and provides detailed insight on how Muslims lived throughout the different eras of history. Mufti Abdul Rahman gives insight to various literature in the Islamic world.

Mufti Abdul Rahman is serving as a principal and is a full-time instructor at Michigan Islamic Institute, the brother organization of Miftaah Institute He travels across North America as a khateeb and lecturer. He is well-known for his calm and down-to-Earth demeanor. Mufti Abdul Rahman has been leading Hajj groups for the past few years and Hilal Hajj is privileged to have him on their team.