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Tazkiya (VRIC)

Date and prices tobe updated

Dr. Omar Suleiman
Sh. Yaser Birjas
Dr. Tahir Wyatt
Dr. Farhan Abdul Azeez

This year we are pleased to announce the addition of Sh. Yaser Birjas to our amazing group of scholars. For those familiar with the Valley Ranch Islamic Community (VRIC) in DFW understand the strong connected community that has grown over the years and the special bond and relationships that Dr. Omar, Sh. Yaser and Dr. Farhan bring to that community. Along with Dr. Tahir Wyatt who is a director at Yaqeen, this package is accompanied by scholars who will help you get the most out of your Hajj experience. For 2021 there are still many uncertainties with Hajj and there will likely be adjustments before Hajj and (Inshallah if we are able to attend) during Hajj. 

Limited spaces available. 110 spaces total

Few Last minutes changes we are expecting this year.

  • Limited quota (# of visas available) from select countries.
  • Age restriction 18 yr to 60yr or 70yr.
  • Mandatory Full Covid vaccination.
  • Negative Covid PCR test within 48 hrs of travel.
  • 48 hr Quarantine in hotel on arrival (you will not be able to pray in the Haram when you arrive).
  • App to pre-register to visit the Haram for every Salah (This is new to us and we don’t know what the limitations or capacity are yet).
  • Congregation of groups will be restricted.
  • Social distancing measures

The Tazkya package is designed to give you the best guidance for Hajj, and that begins with preparing before Hajj. Inshallah we will plan and make the intention to go for Hajj and pray Allah allows us to visit. The ultimate goal as a group is an accepted Hajj and that’s what we prioritize throughout the journey.







*KSA Social distancing MIGHT only allow family members in Quad/Triple


1st DH – Thur, June 30th

2nd DH – Fri, July 1st

3rd DH – Sat, July 2nd

4th DH – Sun, July 3rd

5th DH – Mon, July 4th

6th DH – Tue, July 5th

7th DH – Wed, July 6th

8th DH – Thur, July 7th

9th DH – Fri, July 8th

10th DH – Sat, July 9th – Eid Mubarak!

11th DH – Sun, July 10th

12th DH – Mon, July 11th

13th DH – Tue, July 12th

14th DH – Wed, July 13th

This Itinerary is preliminary and will likely change due to regulations and local restrictions.

Package pricing does NOT include: